The People’s Cabinet

We support people to do things for themselves

Advocacy and Support Group

The Peoples Cabinet was formed back in 2004 in response to ‘Valuing People’, the Government strategy for learning disability.

The group is comprised of self-advocates who each have learning disabilities that consult with other people and organisations in the community.

Supporting people with learning disabilities

We help and support people with learning disabilities to become self-advocates and provide them with the ability to speak up for themselves about the things that are important to them. It means they can ask for what they need and want in their day to day living and tell people about their thoughts and feelings.

Through this process they will understand their rights and responsibilities so they have a voice and make the choices and decisions that affect their lives.

Partnership with Halton Borough Council

Over the years The People’s Cabinet has worked in partnership with Halton Borough Council in supporting them to commission good services for people with learning disabilities.

It has worked alongside the Learning Disability Partnership Board to make sure that the voices of people with these disabilities are heard and respected and that their views impact on the commissioning of services in the Halton Borough.

Bright Sparks Group for young people

Along the way we were able to do some joint working with our Bright Sparks project, we called this group the Ignite & Transform Group. Working together with our young people and older people has allowed us to look at services for people with learning disabilities of all ages in Halton.

Contact the project

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