You can exercise to music with Margy at the Centre twice a week.  Any age, any fitness level and new people always welcome.

Margy provides a gentle, friendly exercise experience suitable for everyone to try.

Margy’s Keep Fit class takes place at the Brookvale Community Centre on Northwich Road, Runcorn every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

It is a small, friendly group and we exercise to music and the class is suitable for any age or ability. The session will give you an all over body work out including cardio vascular and muscle toning especially legs, bums and tums.

Keep fit to music

We work with the music which helps our co-ordination and keeps us motivated, however, it’s not a dance class so it doesn’t matter if you don’t do the right moves as long as you don’t crash into each other!3Wear anything casual and comfortable with suitable footwear such as training shoes. Bring a drink and exercise mat if you want to use one but it’s not essential. We finish the session with a stretch out and relax.

Get healthier and happier!

This is a brilliant class for people who feel self-conscious or who are worried about exercise. It’s not designed to get you “super fit” but healthier, happier and feeling great.

Join us

Class times are Tuesday 10:30-11:30am and Thursday 10:00-11:00am.



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