Our Bright Sparks team are young people who check out and support services and activities  in Halton for young disabled people

Our Secret Shoppers check out  public places, services and facilities in Halton. Is your place worthy of our Kitemark Award?

The Bright Sparks project has been designed to support the development of a society where everyone is included and everyone has opportunities to play a real part in their community.

Community acceptance of young people with disabilities is improving but they can still find themselves being ‘left out’ and unable to have the same life opportunities as other young people.

Based at the Brookvale Community Centre on Northwich Road, Runcorn, the young people in our Bright Sparks project want to change this in Halton.

Useful and fun work

This is really important work but it also has to be fun.

As ‘secret shoppers’, Bright Sparks check out public places, services and facilities in Halton. Our ‘secret shoppers’ find out if young people with disabilities can access places and use and enjoy them like others in our community.

The Bright Sparks Kitemark

If our secret shoppers find that somewhere is a ‘good place’ to go to, then our Bright Sparks team celebrate by awarding the Bright Sparks Kitemark Award. If they think the place they have visited does not meet the standards they have set, then they offer to work with the venue to improve its service.

Making their voice heard

Bright Spark team members also share their views and help other young people to be heard in respect of services and activities provided to and for them in Halton and the issues they feel are important to them. They do this by talking and learning together but most of all, having fun in a creative way. Activities we provide always have a focus on learning and listening to what young people have to say.

Working with Halton Borough Council and other organisations, together we aim to create services that work for young people and support them to have a fulfilling life and which enable each and everyone to reach their potential.

If you would like to find out more about the project, please contact us.


Contact the project

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